Lean back. Put your feet up and take a deep breath. Grab your glass of wine and lose yourself in the dancing flames of the fireplace as the snow falls outside the window.

Sasa translating to ‘bamboo grass’ in Japanese is an exclusive boutique ski lodge set amongst the pristine picturesque mountains of Nozawa Onsen, Japan. We are a small intimate lodge with only a handful of rooms, 4 of them to be precise, with an emphasis on comfort and informality; we will welcome you as a friend into a home.

The fully renovated building has retained all the authenticity and charm of the original structure with a renewed focus on comfort and luxury. sasa-nozawa provides guest with a modern open plan décor perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing amongst family and friends. Whether you choose to sit back and unwind or spend the day exploring the slopes at sasa-nozawa there is something for everyone.

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